What we do:

The Plasma Science and Engineering Group conducts multidisciplinary research spanning engineering, thermodynamic and electrodynamic physics, kinetic and reactive chemistry, materials science, computational modeling, and more. We explore new technologies for environmental, biomedical, and renewable energy applications by exploiting the unique properties of non-equilibrium plasmas. These plasmas are ionized gases produced by high voltages. Our research ranges from studying novel medical plasma devices for wound healing to developing plasma technologies for disinfection, air and water cleaning, and plasma processes for material synthesis and energy applications.

The lab is equipped to perform advanced diagnostic techniques such as laser induced fluorescence, optical emission spectroscopy, laser scattering, absorption spectroscopy, and mass spectrometry to measure plasma properties and reactive species densities. A large part of our research interest is in plasma kinetics and chemistry, plasma-liquid interactions, and plasma synthesis processes.

Our group is part of the High Temperature Plasma Lab and the DOE Plasma Science Center.


We are continuously looking for highly motivated researchers and students from a broad range of backgrounds to strengthen our team. Please contact Professor Bruggeman at [email protected] for more information.